Peruvian cotton

Bet on the Peruvian product. Our country has the best raw materials in the world, which makes our textile fibers incomparable reserves.

Bet on CUMPI. We are a serious company focused on social responsibility. We provide our clients with a wide catalog of designs, development plans and engineering with permanent innovation in the production of fabrics. Our company has its own technology to develop fabrics in line with the demands of each client.


Your Best Source of Quality Handmade Goods

Sampling Room
We have our own Sampling Room, effective for the development of prototypes, designed for those clients who do not have a development department and who also wish to reduce their search times. By virtue of complementing their demands, we also provide the necessary advice on pattern making, development of specs and everything related to fitting and birth of a garment.
At CUMPI, we seek the tranquility of our clients by creating bonds of trust and companionship. It is for this reason that we have an extensive list of partners, friendly factories with which we work, who are independently professional and reliable models within the Peruvian market.



Currently, CUMPI has various strategic alliances with several very important national companies, such as:

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