About Us


We are a Peruvian textile company, specialist in knitted fabrics and alternative fabrics.


Satisfy the demands of our clients by constantly providing them with innovative strategies. Likewise, develop our company sustainably in favor of social and environmental impact.


Committed to becoming the number one textile company in Peru through the production and export of world-class garments and / or fabrics guided by social responsibility policies.



In Peru, two of the best cotton fibers in the world are grown: tangüis and pima. The excellent quality of these fibers is determined by their homogeneity and great length. These characteristics make it possible to manufacture yarns in large ranges, reaching very fine counts. This is why the fabrics made with these yarns have a soft touch when in contact with the skin, providing the greatest possible comfort to the user.

We offer your garments a regular tangüis cotton material with a wide variety of grades that can range from 12/1 to 40/1.

If in case you want a greater softness in your fabrics, we have pima cotton, the best alternative in threads, in titles ranging from 20/1 to 50/1.

On the other hand, if your needs are oriented towards an ecological commitment, organic cotton is the alternative we offer you. Its fiber grows from a plant that has been grown naturally, without pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

We also have cotton blends according to your needs, such as polycotton, pima / Modal cotton, Viscose – spandex, etc.


CUMPI’s product and sample development area is
the most active in the market. We are on a quest
constant news in stages of development.

We offer comprehensive advice that includes the development of
specs, size progression, fabric developments, samples
physical and various types of decorations on garments, such as
prints, embroidery, appliqués, patching, handwork
crochet, beads, honeycomb, etc.


We have versatile fabrics, capable of offering you a wide variety of fabrics,
from more commercial designs to more original fabrics.

Among our most requested fabrics are:

– Solid and striped jumper

– Solid and striped piqué, which can be developed at different points

– Solid and striped chamois

– Ribs 1×1, 2×1, 5×2, etc.

– Mini Jackards in a variety of designs

– Solid and Striped French Terry

– Flannel in different systems

– Waffle, pop corn, fabrics with lycra, etc.


CUMPI offers you developments of reactive colors and dyes, both in solid fabrics and in listed, which comply with a high guarantee according to the standards of each client.

We can develop any required color, counting on a wide variety of
Pantone color charts.

100% of our fabrics are pre-shrunk by a gentle wash cloth. This technique
allows you to obtain soft-touch garments, in addition to not experiencing shrinkage or

Likewise, we offer different processes for washing fabrics and / or garments:

– Pigmented

– Vintage and aged washes of any grade

– Stone Wash

– Enzyme wash

– Silicones

– Antipilling

– Tye Dye, etc.

Or any personalized wash that the client demands.


CUMPI has a flexible capacity for cutting, making and high quality finishes during the production process, guaranteeing the efficiency of our exports.


Our productions are channeled by constant and demanding quality evaluations
and the measurements of the garments, in order to certify our products 100%.

Additionally, we provide our clients with the alternative of conducting an internal audit or an external audit, according to the requirements required by each of our clients.

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